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Hot and petite babe Anita Bellini has her first DP session while enjoying some solo masturbation. This tiny brunette really knows how to put on a show. Her small size makes you just want to spin her around on your cock. Anita has the cutest little titties and and despite her small frame she does have a curvy ass. After she rubs on her slit through her clothes Anita is ready for some more stimulating action. However, she is indecisive as to whether or not she wants her pussy stimulated more or some good ole anal masturbation.

So She Has Her First DP

Truth be told she wants both. So this cunning girl does what any good do it yourself dame would do and masturbates both holes DP style with her favorite toys. Though it’s her first time she takes it like a pro and you can tell she’s really into DP.

She rubs on her body and boobs first to get herself more excited. She has such a tiny tight pussy that it’s gonna take some work to get her giant vibrator into. So she applies plenty of baby oil onto her shaved pink pussy while masturbating with her finger first.

She Has Her Holes Ready For DP

Once Anita has both of her holes all lubes up she continues to stretch them out with her hands. She even uses both hands to pull her little pussy wide open. What an amazing site because this petite girl has a perfect pussy. Then she bends over and works the first vibrator up into her vagina. Once it’s firmly lodged she sucks on the other sex toy to get it lubed up. With one expert motion she plants it right into her tiny ass.

Duration: 8:49

Rating: 95%


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